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This was our first cover May/June 1991. It was one of the most exciting moments in my Pistolsmithing career. The story is a little crude, that I apologise for. I have since learned how to give an interview and I have also come to know Jesus, LOL! Please read and enjoy.

Our second cover was a beautiful Caspian Commander Hybrid. Notice the date July 1991 Guns Magazine. We were the first shop on Will Schuemans' Hybrid, fantastic technology!

March/April 1992. This was the first "Wide Body" Caspian built from the production casting. To meet a deadline we built this .38 Super high cap in three days! It was not the prettiest gun but it worked great!

Jack Weigand did all of the design work for the Taurus Custom Shop. This is a beautiful example of one of the packages in the April 1994 Guns Magazine.

May/June 1994 Handgunner displays Jack Weigands favorite cover gun. A beautiful Smith&Wesson 640 with custom barrel and trick carry features. Our most popular conversion to date with thousands sold.

This is a story about our hunting packages that appeared in the September/October 1997 of American Handgunner Magazine. It is a very informative article if you like hunting with a pistol. They feature a Smith&Wesson and Ruger conversion.

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