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Ruger GP-100 no drill and tap Scope Mount for 4", 4.2" and 6" barrel revolvers

NOTE: This Scope Mount Does Not Fit The Match Champion or the GP-100 in .22LR
Must be an adjustable sight model


Now you no longer have to drill and tap your Ruger GP-100 to install a rock solid scope mount.
We have developed this eye catching scope mount to enhance the appearance of your GP-100 and provide a rock solid mounting point for any optic you would like to use. Our proprietary mounting system uses our front sight replacement block that allows you to attach the front of our mount with no alterations to your revolver. It also uses your rear sight elevation hole to attach the rear of the scope mount and uses the rear sight notch as a recoil lug. We have provided ample cross slots so you can position your optics most any where you please.




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Ruger GP100 Scope Mount WEIG-A-TINNY®

  • SKU: GP1006NDS, GP1006NDB, GP1004NDS, GP1004NDB,

    Product Warnings:
    This Scope Mount Does Not Fit The Match Champion or the GP-100 in .22LR. Your revolver must be an adjustable sight model and have the removable front sight


    Product Materials:  6061-T6 Aluminum Anodized


    Product Length: 
    4"/4.2" Model 6.250"
    6" Model 8.250"

    Product Height:  .415 from top of receiver

    Product Weight:
    4"/4.2" Model 2.1oz
    6" Model 2.7oz

    Screws Included:
    2)  6-40x5/16 Allen head cap screws
    Allen wrench size required is 7/64
    Torque setting 11 inch pounds
    1)  6-48x9/16 Allen head cap screw
    Allen wrench size required is 3/32
    Torque setting 13 inch pounds

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