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The American Pistolsmiths Guild "1999 Pistolsmith of the Year" Jack Weigand

Press Release

July 17, 1999
From: Bluesteel Promotions
Item: For Immediate Release
Subject: American Pistolsmiths Guild 1999 Pistolsmith Of The Year

Mr. Mike Watkins, President of the American Pistolsmiths Guild has recently announced that Mr.
Jack Weigand has been voted the 1999 Pistolsmith Of the Year. Jack replied "This has been a
lifelong goal for me and I'm proud to accept this prestigious award". The Pistolsmith Of The Year
is voted on by the entire membership of the Guild. Jack has been a member since 1988.
Since 1985, Jack has spent all of his adult life, shooting, studying and working on firearms. He
is the President of Weigand Combat Handguns, located in Mountaintop, PA. He specializes in
revolver work and is noted worldwide for his ultra-smooth action jobs and accuracy enhancing
modifications to all type of revolvers and semi-auto pistols. Jack has served for the last five years
as the Double Action Revolver Inspector for prospective candidates to the American Pistolsmiths
Guild. Jack has also perfected the Hybra-Porting feature for short barreled carry revolvers that
greatly reduces felt recoil and improves second-shot accuracy. Complimenting Jack's outstanding
mechanical knowledge of firearms and design ability is his complete accessory line that includes his
proprietary selection of SCOPEMOUNTS and INTEGRAMOUNTS, Professional Gunsmithing
Tools, Custom Handgun Accessories and Lightweight Scope Rings that will improve the function
and accuracy of  almost every model of popular revolver, semi-auto pistol and rimfire rifle.
Each year, Jack shares his accumulated knowledge of both semi-auto and revolver applications
with other aspiring pistolsmiths at Montgomery Community College where he teaches the 1911
Auto Pistolsmithing Course for the NRA Summer Gunsmithing Program.

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